Offering Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Ming Tang

Buying or selling a home is a big emotional and financial undertaking. That’s why it is so important to choose a real estate agent with experience and integrity who can assist you in successfully navigating this often challenging process. As your real estate professional, Kathryn will negotiate for you keeping your best interest in mind at all times. She will also provide you with local and global marketing, and exclusive value added services, including Feng Shui and interior design. For over 20 years, Kathryn has been assisting clients all over the world using her comprehensive training in the classical disciplines of Feng Shui. See her website Feng Shui Resource for more details and the San Diego FINE Homes magazine article, Feng Shui for Real Estate.

For Buyers:

Feng Shui can be instrumental for auspicious property selection,  remodeling, and new construction projects.

As clients explore their new potential property, Kathryn has the ability to help them envision its full potential by sharing suggestions on furniture arrangement, remodeling and color selection.

For Sellers:

The real estate market has been gaining momentum in recent years, which is all the more reason for you, as a Seller, to take advantage! A successful sale is all about the right strategy… this includes creating the most desirable first impression, showcasing the favorable features of your house, and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Why is staging so important for selling your home?

  • The National Real Estate Staging Association shows that properties that have been staged spend 73-percent less time on the market (aka: close faster) and, they also tend to sell for more money than non-staged properties.